E - Commerce Director

Are you an experienced E-commerce proffesional with extensive experience building and expanding a leading fashion and lifestyle brand online. We are looking for a business and result oriented E-Commerce director to join Totême. In this position you will play a key role in securing future expansion and driving Totême to the next level on their journey.

About the position

Totême is now recruiting a business-oriented and results-driven E-Commerce Director who will have a key position in the company’s ongoing journey of growth and be responsible for leading and developing the global e-commerce business and expansion, in line with the company’s brand strategy and objectives.

Summary of assignment description

The role as E-Commerce Director will be a key function in Totême’s continuing journey of growth and consequently will have a close collaboration with the company’s founders and be a member of the management group. The role is expected to contribute knowledge and analysis with a business-driven approach, as well as a good understanding and inquisitiveness for how to build and develop a global lifestyle brand in a strong entrepreneurial culture. You will be expected to further develop Totême as a modern, unique and exciting international player in the digital fashion and lifestyle market.

The E-commerce Director will be responsible for implementing the digital sales and marketing strategy with focus on delivering results and creating sustainable growth for the company over the long term. To be successful you need to have a strong business and results-driven approach, as well as exceptional strategic and analytical skills, while also being hands-on in leadership and in the day-to-day work.

You also need to have hight level of interest and understanding for the digital retail arena, as well as for this type of lifestyle brand to ensure a balance between the work of building a strong global expansion and maintaining the company’s position, unique clientele and continued brand management.

As the E-commerce Director you will be leading and expanding the E-Commerce department that currently consists of seven employees, including one US-based employee. A key skill is the ability to lead through inspiration, motivation and the development of your employees to create commitment, participation and a focus on results within the team. As a leader in the company’s ongoing journey of growth, it is also critical to build a high-performing E-Commerce team by recruiting talented stars and unlocking the vast potential of the organization’s current employees.

Concrete areas of responsibility

- Develop, manage and implement a growth-oriented online strategy and plan for digital sales and an international expansion.
- Deliver results and growth in digital sales based on analysis, existing information and data.
- Set clear objectives and deliver results and follow-up.
- Coordinate the e-commerce business operations with other relevant channels and functions, e.g., purchasing and logistics.
- Contribute knowledge and inquisitiveness within the digital sphere with regard to trends, new technology, automation and innovation within e-commerce technology. Spread knowledge internally and drive associated development projects.
- Coach, motivate and lead the e-commerce team. Attract and recruit new team members as the company expands in Sweden as well as internationally.
- Actively contribute to the management group with knowledge, analysis and a business-driven approach.
- Manage and develop the department budget and personnel.

Experience and background

- Experience leading and developing digital sales in a strong entrepreneurial organization with focus on expansion, preferably with a similar fashion and lifestyle brand.
- Experience leading a major journey of growth; international experience is a plus.
- Experience working with and developing clear strategies and processes for the entire value chain within e-commerce, focusing on sales, analysis and follow-up. Also accustomed to working operationally with the implementation of various online collaborations, campaigns and activities.
- Successful leader with experience building and developing a high-performing team.
- Experience working with a strong commercial lifestyle brand is crucial.

Personal characteristics

- Solution-oriented and determined. An implementer who likes to move things forward and get things done.
- Has a true understanding of how to expand a digital business and has a strong commercial drive.
- Has the ability to work both operationally and strategically. Has a clear focus on the business and results.
- Strong analytical skills with a broad understanding of working with and taking decisions based on existing information and data.
- A strong leader with the ability to motivate, inspire, challenge and create
commitment within the organization.
- Has a positive attitude and is a strong team player with outstanding interpersonal skills.
- Competent in building and developing relationships both internally and externally with partners and retailers.
- Self-confident, has trust in himself/herself and his/her employees.
- Very structured and has strong organizational skills.


Language requirement: High level of competence in Swedish and English.

Scope: Full-time, permanent employment, 100%.

Location: Stockholm

Information and application

For more information regarding the position please contact Nusin Cilgin, nusin@wesgroup.se.

About Totême

Totême is a fashion and lifestyle brand founded by Elin Kling and Karl Lindman in New York in 2014. The company offers “ready-to-wear” clothing and accessories that emphasize “Scandinavian luxury” and is a well-known brand in the international fashion arena. Over the years, the company has steadily established a strong culture with a loyal clientele and has gained the reputation as one of the most exciting Scandinavian fashion companies on the international market.

Totême has a strong online presence with sales linked to key strategic international retailers and channels. Online is regarded as their most important ”flagship” presence. Going forward there is also the ambition of establishing several physical stores in markets that are targeted strategically. Totême currently has one store located on Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm. The company consists of approximately 40 employees.

The international market is evenly distributed between Asia, the US, Scandinavia and Europe and the company is now facing its next major expansion phase and is targeting a more extensive global expansion, while maintaining profitability and retaining a unique position in the international fashion/lifestyle arena.